Self Care for Pregnant Women

Self Care for Pregnant Women

It is way too easy to forget to practice a self care routine while you are growing your tiny human. Let’s come up with some ways you can take care of yourself and talk about things you can include in daily routines!

Take relaxing baths

Taking a nice warm bath with epsom salt can help put you at ease on a long day. Adding epsom salt can be a calming addition to your ordinary bath.

Hydrate well

If you don’t already drink a gallon of water a day (based on your weight) then pregnancy is the perfect time to include this in your routine! Another great source of hydration is coconut water and body armor drinks.

Move around

Any type of exercise stimulates blood flow throughout the entire body and brain which can also help you sleep better during your pregnancy. Try mindful stretching for at least 10 minutes every day. You’ll notice you may be more flexible during your pregnancy because your joints and muscles are loosening in order to prepare for labor and delivery.

Practice self-love

I cannot stress this one enough. It is so easy to hate the mirror during your pregnancy due to how rapidly your body is changing. Practicing positive self love affirmations can help build your confidence as well as teach you how to fall in love with yourself.

Do the things that make you happy

Whatever makes you happy, do it. Whether it be spending some time shopping, cooking meals, organizing, painting, etc. Take this time to put your needs and wants in front for once.

This is a brief and short list of things you can do while you are pregnant that also count as self care. While pregnant with my two children, I practiced all the things on this list to ensure that I was taking care of myself and not just devoting all of my free time to preparing for the baby (which can be overwhelming). Take a deep breath, and cater to your own needs while listening to your body.

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