Hospital Bag : 2nd Time Around

Want to know what was in my hospital bag for the second time around being induced at 38 weeks? I have written it all down for you! Take a look at what was in our bags and get inspired on what you may need to pack that you didn't the last time around!

Why I was induced this time around

Being induced this time around was something that was talked about fairly early in my pregnancy because of a IUGR diagnosis. For those that may not know, IUGR or Intrauterine growth restriction is when a baby in the womb (a fetus) does not grow as expected. In my case, Zalia’s stomach measurement was not where it should have been for how far along we were. There was a concern with how well my placenta was delivering nutrients to her as her weight was fluctuating throughout the entire pregnancy. 

Packing for dad and I

I packed for dad and I! Last time, we weren’t as prepared and Miguel kept going back home to get things we forgot, especially for himself. So this time around we are making sure to pack what we feel is essential and make sure dad also has what he needs! Our list is below! 

For myself:

I wanted to pack things that I feel most comfortable in, which is loose fitting clothes with easy access to my breasts to nurse.

  • underwear that are comfortable
  • Cozy socks 
  • Nursing bras
  • Comfy pj set 
  • Loose fitting outfit
  • Coming home outfit
  • Towel


  • boxers
  • Socks
  • Two cozy sweatpants
  • Two shirts
  • A pair of comfortable shorts
  • Towel


I hope that my list can help your packing for your stay easier this time around. Get inspired, check things off the list and remember to just pack what makes you feel the best

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